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Skin & Body Reflections

BY  Misty Pacheco

  Winter facial

Dry cold air can wreak havoc on your face in the winter months. Getting monthly facials can be beneficial to rejuvenate your skin.

Hydrating facials  restore moisture in dry or dehydrated skin & improve circulation. Using fruit enzymes that are gentle on winter skin, microdermabrasion to exfoliate dry textured skin, serums with hyaluronic acids, moisturizer with shea butter & of course SPF!

- Exfoliation is important for cell turnover & will brighten skin's complexion & help eliminate dead skin cells that can lead to flaky patches on the face.

- Antioxidants such as vitamin c can help protect your skin from environmental damage & seasonal elements such as cold dry air also improve the appearance of fine lines.

- Moisturizer is about locking in skins natural moisture. When skin is dry it lacking oil. Applying a heavy moisturizer in the winter months to prevent moisture loss will assist in preventing dryness.

- Tips 

~Avoid hot water on the face instead use Luke warm water & pat dry!

~Trade in your light moisturizer for something a little heavier, especially in the evening!

~Add in an overnight hydrating mask for extra hydration!

~Don’t over exfoliate! Using an exfoliation method or product is important but too often can strip you skin of natural oils & lever your skin dry & irradiated!


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